Free speech and free culture

Tonight I had the dream about something, that would solve the problems of  both the content industry and the free speech movement.

It would add so much entertainment value to the internet if people instead of posting the actual songs/pictures/films/books/comics that they like would just sing the the songs, draw the pictures  themselves, reenact the films or write a summary of the book themselves and then link back to the creators website (or some store like Amazon or iTunes, earning referral money in the process btw.) to get to the full version.

So let me demonstrate:

If I thought that it would be clever to reference the Sex Pistols “God Save The Queen” (from memory which makes it even more fun, because it’s probably way off) in the context of a bee hive I could be posting it like this:

Citizens of the world, it is time to save the Queen Bee, so let’s get up and sing our world anthem “God Save The Queen”

Get the real song here:

That way everyone is happy and we would have additional value.

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