Oscar-nominated Editor Saar Klein on building suspense

Saar Klein (SK):

In film, silence is as important as sound. The lack of sound is a powerful tool to dramatize, highlight and often to immerse the viewer into the eyes of a character to experience the world as they do. In my opinion, there’s an overuse of sound in recent Hollywood films. Both music and effects are pushed, creating audio fatigue for the viewer. For very practical purposes it is important to remove and simplify sound, so when you need to use it and you want it to “pop” you have the room to do so. To badly paraphrase Spinal Tap: your amp doesn’t need to be at 11. With After the Fall I tried to push these ideas to the next level. The intent was to place the viewer into the environment of the characters in order to create immersion.

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Animated Infographic of the Film Market – Sundance

Regarding the section on piracy in the Animated Infographic article on Cultural Weekly:

I know all the wrong arguments surround piracy and how and why they are wrong and specious.

Except one argument: the one about being able to access the films at all.

If there was a simple way of paying to view current films that aren’t being released in my country at all (and a lot of what is being shown at Sundance falls into that category), I would take it. And I can not imagine, that removing the theaters, distributors and marketing from the cost side, that it would be more than 3 to 5 bucks to view the film at home.

As an industry insider, I would love to be able to at least virtually take part in Sundance, but I understand that this makes the IRL cinema world even less financially viable.

Complicated new world indeed.

Source: Cultural Weekly

5 Things You Need To Make A Short Film That People Will Give A F**k About – Raindance

  1. A Great Script Something that I’ve noticed about many shorts coming out of film schools and most film festival submissions is, that there’s a wealth of “well directed” shorts, or beautiful films shot on super 16mm, using Cooke lenses helmed by super-talented cinematographers.. but do I care for the actual film? Rarely.  What I …

Source: 5 Things You Need To Make A Short Film That People Will Give A F**k About – Raindance