Matrix 4: The Matrix Resurrections

The trailer is out now and we were added to IMDB so we can finally talk about what we worked on for almost 2 years.

It was a wild ride and one of the best experiences I’ve had professionally: watching Johnny Klimek + Tom Tykwer write and produce the music, several orchestra recording sessions at Abbey Road WAAAAAAHHH, one of those was before Covid-19 so I could actually be there in the studio at the session – double WAAAAAAHHH ), following the editorial and sitting with Lana Wachowski to put music to the pictures.

I’m extremely grateful for this experience.

Watching the trailer with a lot of VFX that I hadn’t seen during the editing process was very exciting. And I can honestly say: you ain’t seen nothin’ yet… ๐Ÿ™‚

Mark your calendars, it will hit the theatres on Dec 22nd

Stop Stopping – 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing

2. Stop Stopping
Momentum is everything. Cut the brake lines. Careen wildly and unsteadily toward your goal. I hate to bludgeon you about the head and neck with a hammer forged in the volcanic fires of Mount Obvious, but the only way you can finish something is by not stopping. That story isnโ€™t going to unfuck itself.

25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing.