And Googles record gets tainted further

It is amazing to me, that the supporters of free speech (which I am also!!) still see Google as the free and open web.

They have been funding institutes releasing wrongful information about how legislation that is trying to protect content creators may destroy the free internet. But how much interest do they really have in this free pluralistic internet?

But please, read for yourself!

Troubling Google Contractor Allegedly Caught Vandalizing Open Street Map.

A bleak outlook

Someone left the following comment on this article that sounds a little too much like a conspiracy and would be Apples certain death.

The article:

The comment:

Beware the (i)Cloud!

Give it a few years and the cpu will be abolished …all that will be in your box-o-tricks is a gpu to process the image. All the software from your OS, spreadsheet/word type and games will be in the cloud and you will be paying THEM to use it …upfront and monthly. Your information will become their information and you will be paying monthly to rent it back. No connection? Not paid your subscription? Tough…adios! You’ve ceased to exsist mate! More to the point, without payment and/or the squeaky clean credit certified means to pay ….you won’t ever have exsisted!