“Seeds are gonna be the new currency” – The Big Short (2015) – Highly recommended!!

More than enjoyable: it’s an entertaining and at the same time very moving look at what led to the crash in 2008 that affected my family and me so terribly. If you know me, you’ll know why.

Playing “Crazy” during the “confession session” of the loan brokers scene is so obvious that it’s genius.

“The Big Short” is such wonderful quote fest. The woman at Standard & Poors says: “What do you think we do here all day?” – “Well, what do you do?”. The flip side of this is of course, that all those models that really smart financial mathematicians (and I mean that in all honesty) built and that were running on, I don’t know, either a gigantic server farm or the equivalent of a Raspberry Pi, couldn’t see, that something was fundamentally wrong. That is a lesson to be learned!!

My hope is that this movie will win big at the Oscars 2016.