“Babylon Berlin”: Europäischer Filmakademie verleiht Preis an Schöpfer

Das freut mich ja!

Damit werde einer Serie Tribut gezollt, die gleichzeitig ein leidenschaftliches filmisches Spektakel und eine präzise Darstellung der politischen und gesellschaftlichen Realitäten im Berlin der 1920er Jahre ist, teilte die EFA mit.


Here’s a good Sunday morning read: Don’t Let People Enjoy Things | Kate Wagner

The second person answers with LPET does so because they want to shame the person for criticizing something they enjoy, and they believe the best way to do so is to make the person feel like they are a Debbie Downer who is pissing in everyone’s cornflakes. This person is an authoritarian at heart, a social despot who would shut down critical discussion in general. There is no hope for them because they are an asshole.

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What I did the past year: Jett – Official Trailer

Last year Johnny and I started writing the first suites for Jett, a series about a female thief trying to make it in an ever more hostile underworld.
It was great fun and we wrote some interesting, fresh, funky and quirky music for it that I’m really proud of. Hopefully we will soon get to post some of that music as well. The music in the trailer is not ours as is the case with trailers most of the time.

Anyway, I’m very excited and the series premieres on June 14th already, so get your first screens ready and don’t bother to lock your doors, because Jett will get in.

Putting the music to the episodes was a delight, especially because both Sebastian Gutierrez (the show creator and director) and editor Matt Mayer where very clear and precise in their ideas and communication about the music, which can sometimes be a very tricky thing to put into words.

This sounds like an exit strategy to me: average salary of Spotify employees hit $132,301 last year – double what it was in 2011

They are making out like bandits and once the business model implodes, they’re out and have their money, while artists lost many years in decent revenue flow.

It’s a scam.

Source: The average salary of a Spotify employee hit $132,301 last year – more than double what it was in 2011 – Music Business Worldwide