Mars in 8K

As much as I appreciate the technical achievement of how we are able to create these images and this footage I have to say:

I love our planet brimming with life everywhere. And I just cannot understand why we destroy it the way we do. We only have this one. There is no other feasible alternative planet for the foreseeable future. Probably even further than that.


Matrix 4: The Matrix Resurrections

The trailer is out now and we were added to IMDB so we can finally talk about what we worked on for almost 2 years.

It was a wild ride and one of the best experiences I’ve had professionally: watching Johnny Klimek + Tom Tykwer write and produce the music, several orchestra recording sessions at Abbey Road WAAAAAAHHH, one of those was before Covid-19 so I could actually be there in the studio at the session – double WAAAAAAHHH ), following the editorial and sitting with Lana Wachowski to put music to the pictures.

I’m extremely grateful for this experience.

Watching the trailer with a lot of VFX that I hadn’t seen during the editing process was very exciting. And I can honestly say: you ain’t seen nothin’ yet… 🙂

Mark your calendars, it will hit the theatres on Dec 22nd