Building something…

I’m very excited, because I actually assembled something that included soldering capacitors and resistors and stuff to a little board. It’s always good to start new things. I should have started it when my eyesight was still much better… will have to buy one of those little attachable magnifying glasses… or one of those lamps with magnifying glass. 😀

[Update]: I failed, I’ll have to order the pre-built version. I hope that they sell me just the electronics for it. All the mechanical stuff is here and working of course. This is why I prefer software: I can fix errors as opposed to having soldered pieces into place without being able to change it later. >:(

I’ll show you the finished project soon!

The effect of the GDPR? It hurts small businesses

So, like many of you out there, I’ve sent out the last newsletter to my old mailing list with a link to subscribe to the new newsletter list.

The result? Look at the screenshot below, my subscriber number went from 236 to 18 as of May 28th.

Now, fortunately, my business doesn’t totally rely on the newsletter, but I enjoyed keeping people up to date. But if I were a band or a singer-songwriter, or any other business whose revenue directly depended on the newsletter, this would be totally devastating.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the new rules and regulations are totally what we needed and they do make things better for the individual.

However, when I saw that most of the other newsletters sent out messages to the tune of “if you don’t do anything, we’ll consider you gave us your consent to use your data” I felt I had taken the route that led to me having an enormous disadvantage over these other businesses.

And this sort of feels like, again, the big guys follow the old tech mantra: “do first and ask permission later”. I don’t subscribe to this point of view, and because of that, I’m always struggling just a little bit more.