Strolling around today

Mission Backup Earth brings David Prowse (Darth Vader) to Berlin

We are very proud that Alexander managed to get David Prowse involved in Mission Backup Earth.

It’s a wrap – Landshut Film Festival

Over the weekend we were in Landshut for the 16th. Landshut Kurzfilmfestival (short film festival). They showed our film “Kein Applaus” and we ended up in the audience favorite!

We all had a great time and I hope to come back here sometime in the future!

I would like to mention four films I saw there that were quite outstanding:

Alles wird gut

The best film I saw there. The film is about a desperate father and his daughter by Patrick Vollrath. It was incredible.  No cliches, astonishing acting. Wonderful filmmaking.

Sneeze Freeze

A very short film about a money-hostage exchange gone wrong by Gabriel Borgetto. Excellent and fun entertainment.

Totes Land

A mothers and daughters struggle against being relocated for the expansion of an open-strip coal mine. Researched, written and directed by Benjamin Pfohl. If you have a link, please add it in the comments. I’ll move it up here.

Auf den Hund gekommen

A comedy and the winner of the audience award. Directed by Tom Sommerlatte.