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Oh my, how much I hated all the players around me constantly talking about “you have to have balls to play”, “your creativity lies within your dick” and all kinds of other genital references. In some groups that was the only mode of conversation.

I was always uncomfortable with it and thought, oh well, it’s just trash talk. But the older I get the more I realize that some of the guys actually meant this seriously and believed it. Which is outrageous and infuriating. But what I never understood was, how these guys could be so insensitive and outright brutal with their statements yet at the same time create wonderful music. This was always a cognitive dissonance in me.

Please read the article  linked below.

Given Kalia’s record of having to attend all kinds of official school breakfasts, meetings and happenings, all the guys would probably see this as a huge networking advantage and her way of “sleeping her way up”. I’m glad I’ve read her account of it which shows clearly that being the “token girl” is a terrible situation.

Dear musicians: please change!

Source: Token Girl – Kalia Vandever – Medium

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