Did Google Flacks Use A Journalist’s Glass to Try Censoring the News?

I’m very wary of online advertisement, as you may know. I also think that it doesn’t really work. But it is so obvious in two instances:

– after you’ve looked for something and even if you bought it from Amazon, you’ll still get advertisement for that exact product for the next couple of weeks.
– look for something once on google (and especially on YouTube!!) and you’ll be bombarded with ads surrounding that.

Google glass with this terrible experience by a reporter is something entirely more frightening: Quote:

But the truth is, Google wouldn’t have had to hack my camera. Could they have seen a testy interview that I taped on Glass? Wouldn’t they have access to that data, the same way they have access to my Gmail account, to my search requests, to God knows what else? Were they spying on me? All interesting questions. But it doesn’t look like I’ll ever know the answer. Even weeks later, Dale hasn’t responded. [Emphasis mine.] Well…you know what I think. Here’s a trick I learned from a friend who uses Google Voice with an Android phone. Say “Machu Picchu” about 10 times while wearing Glass. Then log into your Google account on your laptop and time how long it takes before travel ads for Peru start showing up.


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