A good initiative – no smartphones at concerts – philosophical context!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs posted this sign on the outside of their show and I think it’s a great initiative.


This goes hand in hand with our endless hunger to remember moments. Even though moments are supposed to be enjoyed and not chained down. For every time you relive a moment you miss another new moment.

And it reminds me of the classic verse from Faust, pretty much the only one that I’ve perfectly internalized:

Und Schlag auf Schlag!
Werd’ ich zum Augenblicke sagen:
Verweile doch! Du bist so schön!
Dann magst du mich in Fesseln schlagen,
Dann will ich gern zugrunde gehn!
Dann mag die Totenglocke schallen,
Dann bist du deines Dienstes frei,
Die Uhr mag stehn, der Zeiger fallen,
Es sei die Zeit für mich vorbei!

Translation taken from Wikiquote:

If ever I to the moment shall say:
Beautiful moment, do not pass away!
Then you may forge your chains to bind me,
Then I will put my life behind me,
Then let them hear my death-knell toll,
Then from your labours you’ll be free,
The clock may stop, the clock-hands fall,
And time come to an end for me!

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