Jaron Lanier – Interview

Please read the whole interview, but this really sums up what’s going on in the media business and how the “everything must be open” fetish is turning into a destructive force, because it puts the ideology before the people:

What really turned me around wasn’t thought or theory, though – it was practice. I had been part of the recording industry – I was signed to Polygram and so on. At that time, I knew people who had middle-class jobs in the industry – studio musicians and what not – and after the decline of the music business we found that we were having to have constant fundraisers to help somebody afford some operation or deal with some other adverse circumstance.

It became clear to me that we had actually destroyed lives and I don’t want to become like Stalin and say that to make an omelette you have to break some eggs. You don’t want to get into a situation where you think that the ideology is more important than people. If you see that it’s not working for people you don’t say: “Oh, well, those are just the people who don’t get it, those are the ones who get left behind, those are the expendable ones, they don’t matter.” I think you have to say: “No, it’s the ideology that needs to be improved. It’s not working well enough.” So it was really that experience that turned me around.

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