Disturbing experience with Spotifys radio feature

The other day I was listening to music on Spotify using their radio feature and  something weird happened:

After about 3 tracks of enjoyable music all of a sudden a song started to play. The song was by an artist who was big in the 80ies (no, I wsan’t Rick rolled) and who shall go nameless but you’re welcome to guess in the comments section. I really really _really_ REALLY REALLY can not stand the music by this artist. So I clicked the very appropriate “thumbs down” button Spotify Thumbs buttons on Spotify.

What happened then was at best a blatant proof that algorithms that base their calculations on the numbers of play are fundamentally biased towards the same old same old  middle of the road and at worst it was an insult to my very existence:

I was offered that song by said dreaded artist and another of the artists songs an aggregated 12 times. Each time hitting the thumbs down button after about 2 seconds. I felt like being offered a game of Whack-A-Mole here.

Dear Spotify: I know you can do better. But here’ a tip: after I hit the thumbs down on a song twice, you should never ever present that song to me again. Anywhere. Unless I specifically ask for it.

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