Creatorright and the little guy

I used to be on this guys arguments side.

But I have been taken advantage of by people enough times that I want to know that I have the option of protecting my rights against large corporations and exploitative dishonest people.

If you weaken individual protection and you’ll strengthen the large organisations.

We have a completely different law in Germany. It is not even called copyright it is called creatorright. It gives me power to demand things from TV stations and everything else.

The weak American copyright system is being used as an argument to make things worse than they are everywhere else.

I don’t agree with the big media companies, but I do firmly believe that we as individual creators desperately need protection and a way to enforce our rights.

Just 6 days ago someone used my music in a way that was not agreed upon. All they had to do was include my name in the credits. No money, no restriction whatsoever except that one and they didn’t even do that. These kinds of specious people need to vanish from the culture industry and that is why we need a strong creator right.


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