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Today I went to get a haircut and also the first shave of my life. It’s a good experience and it will definitely be a treat I’m giving myself in the future again!

And funnily enough I went into a place in Astoria, Queens (Val’s barbershop) where Tony Bennett was getting his haircuts for a while.

Which makes me realize again that one of the things that the US is really good at is creating things that are larger than life.

Advertisement: I work. College is impossible unless I attend class at 11pm.
This is such a blatant proof of how the American economic system tricks everybody into constantly thinking they’re not doing enough or aren’t good enough themselves because they’re told that other people out there are “going the extra mile”. Personally I think it’s bullshit and plain not true. There’s only so much you can do.

I just saw a guy who had his flip phone stuck between his ears and held up by an ear warmer. That’s one way of having a headset…

The difference between Europe and the US? Here it is in 2 pictures:



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  1. Enjoy! Wir versinken hier in Selbstmitleid über Nazi-Morde, die ja bisher niemandem als böse aufgefallen sind….Kriegst Du davon was in NYC mit? ala : Deutschland wacht auf? Oder sind nicht nur wir weiter auf dem rechten Auge blind?
    Liebste Grüße über den Ozean!

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