The ordeal of having my own data

So, as announced, I’m working on actually having all posts and everything on my page and integrating it into the big networking site via some form of feed or automatic posting system.
This process used to be very very simple a couple of years ago. Get a plug-in for WordPress for the respective service, activate, fill in settings, done. And it usually worked.
This is no longer the case. First, I have to get a developer account with Facebook, which I really didn’t want to do and second, the authentication process and the settings of the plug-in for WordPress (Wordbook) shows different things than what Facebook requires now.
So to make it short: From what it looks like to me, Facebook seems to change all these API settings on a fairly regular basis and in short time intervals. The only logical explanation in my opinion is, that they are working hard on keeping people like me from accomplishing their goal of both using the platform but at the same time keeping all data, pictures, videos and the likes locally. From a strategic standpoint this makes total sense for Facebook, nay, it’s actually required, because else they couldn’t capitalize at all on our activity. And their argument is probably summed up in one word: “security”.
But for me, this is the exact reason why I’m doing what I’m trying to do. And I will keep working on it so that whenever I decide that Facebook is no longer an option for me, I can at least keep a lot of what I wrote, collected posted.
I suggest to all of you to do the same.

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