Get a CD from my personal collection!

I’m running a crowdfunding campaign and one of the benefits that I give to the sponsors is 2 CDs from my personal CD collection.

There’s great music in there from Miles Davis to Keith Jarrett to Frank Zappa and Doudou N’Daya Rose. There are approximately 600 CDs here so make sure you check out all the pictures of the backsleeves.

So if you’re interested then please check out the complete campaign here.

2 thoughts on Get a CD from my personal collection!

  1. Howard

    First image I ckicked on had “Cuba Classics 3 – Diaboloal Infierno” in it! Immediately recognized (got that one)

  2. Yes, there are a couple of really good ones in there, but I hardly listen anymore.

    Although I’m thinking more and more that I need tangible music so that Lilian can connect the image on the box to the music and define more clearly what she likes to listen to.

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