Lucia Burana – Popkomm

So, last night it finally happened! Lucia Burana played at the Popkomm in Berlin, we rocked the house, the sound and the whole crew there was amazing and we were just really glad that we could be there. Also, for me it was the shortest distance to a gig from my home ever. Basically just down the street. There’s another club in Berlin that I’d like to play that’s even closer, we shall see if that will happen.

Anyway, so then we’re sitting backstage and in walks a team from the ARD the biggest TV station in Germany and they do a little interview with us and lo and behold, I ended up in the nightly wrap-up of the event (together with some guy I don’t know and the one and only Paul van Dyk)… I’m pretty proud!

Lucia Burana – ARD Nachtmagazin

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