Getting to the point

Usually if I’m talking about anything I fairly quickly get to the central point I have to make and be done with it. Hourlong discussions are sometimes interesting, but most of the time it just seems that people like to hear themselves talk.

However, today I was reminded of a couple of things:

1. How good my life really is and what a safe and open country I live in, yes, I am talking about Germany that used to be plagued by the NAZIs and that still has deep internal issues with nationalistic idiots and seeing how the social climate is moving contrary to the environmental climate of the world this problem will unfortunately deepen. Anyway, point one: my life is basically pretty good!

2. How other people get to the point even more quickly. I subscribe to the daily New York Times headlines newsletter, mainly because it has the quotation of the day which I find interesting. Today’s quotation needs no further comment:


“I can’t go outside, I can’t go to college. If I’m killed, it doesn’t even matter because I’m dead right now.”

– NOOR, a 19-year-old Baghdad resident.

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