Finally – the solution

OK, like a lot of people nowadays, I’m online all day using the various messenger protocols. Now the ICQ and Yahoo! networks seem to not care about peoples privacy and I get contacted by strangers who refuse to tell me their intent every time. I used to try to teach them about how the virtual world isn’t a whole lot different from the real one: you introduce yourself and state your business…

Anyway, that never really seemed to work, so I have started a different strategy which does the trick and works quite well and best of all it is now fun for me. I just act like a complete lunatic. A welcome distraction as opposed to my old: dang, leave me alone attitude. Lesson learned: when life gives you lemons you should just make lemonade.

Here’s my approach and yes, I’m the one on the right:icq_idiots_1.png

Chat idiots 2

and another one, very nice one!

Chat idiots 3

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