Turning off Javascript

Oh. My. God. I have had NoScript enabled which pretty much claims to do the same thing, but it still seems to slow the browser down considerably. Not to mention the constantly nagging dialog boxes.

If you actually turn off Javascript in Firefox like so (see image), the browsing speed increase is tremendous. I was surprised myself.


Sure, it feels like you’re surfing the web in 1997 and I had to turn Javascript back on in order to be able to upload the above image to this posting, but boy is it quick.

And I suspect that there is _a lot_ of room for speed improvement with clever coding. Come on coders!! Do it! Save those CPU cycles!

Technology company and musicians – a love relationship

I just looked at the (German) Wikipedia page of Twitter and found this table there. It’s pretty self-explanatory, so I don’t think the German matters.

What I find interesting is, that 7 (!) out of the top 10 accounts with the most followers are from musicians. And the tech world keeps telling musicians that their work is a commodity and treats it as basically worthless. Better yet: they™   run a huge campaign to effectively undermine every effort to create a level playing field in the digital world.

But thinking a little longer about this I can sort of understand: it must be a terrible feeling that there are people out there who manage to deeply touch and affect people with a simple song.

Twitter – Reichweitenstaerkste Accounts

Source: Twitter – Wikipedia