“Don’t be evil” a command to Googles users??

I don’t think that Googles slogan “Don’t be evil” still applies. Or perhaps it is meant as a command to its users. That may very well be what we all misunderstood all these years.

Anyway, I came across the screenshot below the other day while browsing with a TOR connection. But what’s most interesting is, it happened while I tried to watch a video of the punk band “Pumpanickle” whose member “erdgeist” is one of the more vocal and active members (even spokesperson?) of the CCC  who does an incredibly good job at keeping his real name private. Rightfully so, I’m not criticizing him for that!

But what I am saying is, that people who are very very deeply embedded into the whole technology culture are at a great advantage to the rest of us. And usually they come across as somewhat arrogant when they talk about technology in general and specifically security and privacy. I personally think that they should step up, use their knowledge and actually help and guide people instead of having this underlying snide stance of: oh well, educate yourselves and you’ll be fine. This isn’t feasible for many/most people and the hacking community, if they’re serious about caring for society at large, need to recognize and live up to their responsibility.

Ramble over.

Anonymously watching YouTube


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Party hardy in Berlin….

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