The Revenant (2015)

I’ll keep it short: What I liked: The cinematography is beautiful and captures the temperature and rough country very well. I enjoyed the music and also the lack of music in some of the central scenes. What impressed me: It had moments where it was extremely thrilling and I felt close to what was going on. What I didn’t like: Overall I’m not getting anything out of this film that I can use in my life, further my intellectual growth or inspire kindness and understanding for others. You know, good things. It’s a basic revenge film that plays with the ancient story of wanting to hurt and kill the thing that hurts and kills your family. Although I understand that this theme is real and part of life for those that this happens to, I don’t find anything that helps to move humanity any further toward a better society. Yes, the film didn’t set out to do that, I understand that. I’m saying, that I don’t enjoy it.

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