NYC – Friday

It’s been 10 years since I was last in New York and I personally feel that the city has changed significantly since then.

It feels much calmer, people seem extremely friendly (I’ve gotten more excuse-mes, certainly more than I would be getting in Berlin!) and the subways are clean.

What I find strange though is, that since every one knows the NYC aesthetic from posters and films it feels a little bit like a museum. I know that sounds strange but it really feels like that to me.

I have two friends with studios here and both their locations are crazy cool. One is across he street from the flatiron building (I’m looking at it while I type this through a big glass front!!) and the other is on the top floor (21st to be exact) on union square. That’s where I took some pictures.

The following are the notes I took while walking along… Unfortunately communication isn’t where I wanted it to be so I have Internet on the iPad at edge speed 😐 and no Internet on the iPhone so the tweeting of pictures while I go isn’t possible. Bummer.
Prepaid phone service from AT&T, was easy enough to set up, this would have Bernd such a pain only a couple of years ago.

Prepaid data service was only available from t-mobile since AT&T refused a foreign credit card for data plans. Whatever. The t-mobile daily data plan of course had two drawbacks: speed is limited to Edge (jeeez) and I can’t stick the SIM into my iPhone because the iPhone is locked from t-mobile Germany. To sum it up: we came _long_ way but there’s a universe of room for improvement. Start at the ridiculously high roaming fees.

First train I have to take is rerouted because the station is under construction for the direction that I needed. So I got to see the view from the beautiful overground Astoria station. Sometimes a detour works wonders.

When I take a picture somewhere I _always_ get the stink-eye from people around me. Do I look like a spook??

Advertisement: happiness is ordering food on your phone whiteout saying a word. Really? Food is supposed to be really sensual. Oh well…







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