One cold day in hell

It was impossible for me to find out if this is actually true, but it is a fine read anyway!

Chemistry class at Maynooth University in Kildare, Ireland.

The answer a professor got from one of his students was so “deep” he had to pass it to his colleages via internet:


“Is hell “exotherm” (gives off heat), or “endotherm”(absorbs heat)?

Most students assumed with the help of Boyles law that gas cools down while expanding. One student however came up with this answer:

“First we need to find out how the mass of hell changes over time.
To be able to do this we need to first find out how many souls venture into hell and out of it.

It is my opinion, that souls , once they’ve entered into hell, won’t leave it again.

That’s why no soul ever leaves hell again.

Concerning the question how many souls go to hell, the opinions of the religions existing today, can give us an answer.

Most religions assert that you go to hell when you’re not one of them.
Since there is more than one religion and because you can’t belong to more than one of them you can assume further that all souls go to hell.

Wíth birth- and deathrates of today we can further assume that the amount of souls will exponentially increase.

Let’s now take a look at the size of hell.
According to Boyles law the size of hell must increase proportional to the arriving souls or else we have two options:

1.: In case hell expands slower than the number of souls arriving, both temperature and pressure inside of hell will increase so much that the whole hell falls apart.

2. In case the hell expands faster then the amount of new guests then temperature and pressure will fall causing the hell to freeze up.

Now which is it?

When we take into consideration Sandra’s statement to me in our first year here, that it will be a cold day in hell before she’d go to bed with me as well as the fact that I slept with her last night only number 2 can be valid.

That’s why I’m convinced that hell is endotherm and must be already frozen up.

My conclusion is, that hell can not accept any further souls and is therefore extinct….and so only heaven is still existing. This however, proves the existance of God, which explains why Sandra screamed: °Oh, my God!!!° the whole last evening.”

This student was the only one who got an “A”.

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