Digg and me won’t be friends

I tried to use Digg again today because frankly, with the information overload that is happening in my life (Twitter feed, Google Reader, Facebook Feed etc) what I really need is a way of weeding out the less important storys.

I was hoping that Digg would (and in my opinion could!) be that tool: the good stories get pushed to the top by group wisdom.

So far so good. But what is happening is, that I’m realizing that group wisdom doesn’t really exist: I don’t want to be reading about a Russian billionaires new photo repellent laser installed on his yacht. And this was in the technology section mind you. Or about the fact that Obama called Kanye a jackass. That is stupid news that is wasting everyones time and takes away from moving society as a whole forward.

So, dear Diggers: let’s pick ourselves up and make Digg the useful resource that it could be:
– ignore the BS
– ignore the press releases from media companies
– focus on journalists and bloggers who do their homework

Thank you!

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