The Dilbert Blog: My New Catch Phrase

The Dilbert Blog: My New Catch Phrase

It is amazing to see how someone is so consistently funny over such a long period of time!

Here’s the original text:

My New Catch Phrase

When you’re a big-time cartoonist and blogger, getting criticized a hundred times a day is part of the package. Luckily I’m blessed with an unnatural level of tolerance for criticism. Often the criticisms are well thought and entirely accurate, and my reaction is “Yup, you nailed me.” That happens about half the time. The rest of the criticisms are from stupid lemon eaters and they amuse me no end.

My favorite criticism of late was regarding my post on Chinese Internet censorship. I said, “If you know the history of the Great Wall, it was highly successful in keeping out animals. But invading armies just bribed the guards and walked through the gate.”

I got this criticism:

“Mr. Scott Adams, you ought to apologize for calling nomadic tribes of ancient “animals”. Read history and have a little respect for others. Chinese G.wall was a border between sedentary and nomadic peoples, and what will be left out of China if you let supressed Inner Mongolia, Uigur and Tibet or even Taiwan go independent? Map of China will get reduced to 1/4 th of its size. So who is agressor animal?”

From now on, whenever I make an especially good debating point, I plan to drive it home by adding “So who is aggressor animal now?” It won’t make sense, but I hardly think that matters. I know a good phrase when I hear it.

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