Concert of the year – Jamie Lidell

I had the pleasure last night to go to the second show of Jamie Lidell at the Apollo Saal in the Staatsoper in Berlin. Accrording to Berlin rules the concert started an hour an a half late with the support act Snax. The drummer and guitar player started the show and I was shocked because I thought I’d have to listen to yet another German rendition of what funk should be like. So I stormed back to get a drink and when I turned around the singer had taken the stage and the music transformed into a combination of Prince, Jamiroquai and some sort of Punk that I can’t quite put my finger on! In short: they rocked!

But then Jamie took the stage starting the show with a slow soul/blues number and at first I was a little disappointed but my patience was going to be rewarded manyfolds! As the show went on the energy produced by Jamie and Gonzalez (the band that accompanied him) was at times too much. I was jumping up and down, singing along but most of all I was amazed time and time again by the super-tight grooves and sounds this guy can produce with his mouth and his level of control over the FX and loopers he uses. Although I stood pretty much right next to him, I didn’t get a good luck at the setup, but then again, who really cares? Did I go there to look at gear porn? No, I wanted to see a modern rendition of soul, house, disco and whatever you wanna call the electronic stuff. And boy, did he deliver.

Everyone: go see his show, whenever you get a chance, the man is incredible and a total sweetheart on stage!