OxyContin – what a disturbing story!

His decision meant that for the first time, questions about OxyContin’s duration would be aired at a trial. Sealed evidence would be laid out in public for class-action attorneys, government investigators, doctors and journalists to see.
On the eve of trial, Purdue agreed to settle the case by paying the state $10 million for programs to discourage drug abuse. All the evidence under seal would remain confidential.

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I very much hope, that I will never need pain medication. 

Causes of Death and perception

So if you make it over that hump of 50 years of age, you’re extremely unlikely to die of external causes.

Which is exactly diametrically opposed to the feeling of insecurity that increases with age.

One of the conundrums of human nature.

There are many ways to die. Cancer. Infection. Mental. External. This is how different groups of people died over the past 10 years, visualized by age.

Source: Causes of Death | FlowingData

The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think

There are a couple of interesting thoughts in this eassy.

I would add that some of the devaluation also stems from the fact, that music is ubiquitous and devalued because the act of creating it has been so much simplified, that everyone with a computer and some software (and I’m guilty of adding to this!) can now create a professional sounding song in minutes. Which in and of itself is a good thing, but the result is more than we bargained for so to speak.

Source: The Devaluation of Music: It’s Worse Than You Think — Cuepoint — Medium

Weekend reading: The Fake Traffic Schemes That Are Rotting the Internet

For anyone doing business on the internet, the article below is essential reading.

This paragraph made me chuckle:

In September, after Bloomberg Businessweek asked Viant about its content, Myspace players began showing non-placeholder videos. But if the counters embedded in the players are accurate, those placeholders are some of the most watched clips in Internet history. Hitboy has amassed 690 million views. Even bigger is Surfing, which looks like someone butt-dialed a video: five seconds of black screen with some muffled background noise. According to the Myspace counter, Surfing has been viewed 1.5 billion times. That would make it bigger than any YouTube video in history—with the exception of Gangnam Style.

So, basically what the music industry has been saying for _years_ is, that music and music videos are one of the biggest drivers of traffic on the internet. Yet, the music isn’t generating any revenue to speak of anymore.

I personally suspect, that a lot of the “free culture” and “free information” and “creative common” folks around the web are either cleverly programmed AIs or (more likely) the cheap labor workforce  reposting standard thoughts and arguments in order to keep their employers properties relevant.


An exclusive investigation into the bots that will cost companies over $6 billion this year

Source: The Fake Traffic Schemes That Are Rotting the Internet


Jetzt mal allen Ernstes: ich möchte hier auch keine Flüchtlinge sehen.

… und zwar aus dem simplen Grund, dass es mir lieber wäre, wenn die Umstände in den jeweiligen Ländern lebenswerter wären.

Solange das nicht so ist sind gerade wir Deutschen, deren Vorfahren 2 Weltkriege mit Millionen Toten und unerhörter Tötungsmaschinerie auf dem Gewissen haben und es nachgerade ein Wunder ist, dass wir nicht endgültig verschwunden sind, dazu verpflichtet, anderen Menschen zu helfen. Zusätzlich dürfen wir nicht vergessen, daran zu arbeiten, dass die Umstände in anderen Ländern besser werden.

  • Bessere Bildung.
  • Bessere politische Systeme (nicht dass es bei uns so reibungslos liefe…)
  • Weniger exportierte Korruption.
  • Bessere Perspektiven.

Kein Mensch lässt sein Zuhause fluchtartig hinter sich nur so aus Jux und Dollerei. Krieg, Gewalt und Unterdrückung sind verdammt hart und ich knie innerlich nieder, dass ich die “Entscheidung” davor zu fliehen nicht treffen muss.

Wir brauchen wohl einen Aufstand der Anständigen in diesem Land, sonst verliere ich langsam allen Glauben daran, dass hier schon auch vieles in Ordnung ist.



The most boring viral video – and the most useful!!

Please share this. Also: there`s a really simple trick how to help someone out. Maybe this guy, maybe you fellow filmmakers next project, maybe a musician you care about on their video.

Make the video page your browser homepage and set your browser to open up the homepage whenever you open a new window or tab. This will create quite a large number of views every day.