Taylor Swift Schools the Music Industry Once Again, While Streaming Services Wring Their Hands

One of the strange things about the music industry is how everyone in the technology business seems to have figured it out, even though some of their businesses aren’t actually making money. Swift is — so maybe they should stop talking and listen.

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So in the end, we will have Scambots talking to Anti-Scambots. Result: huge waste of energy and increased CO2 emissions. Make #tech #green already!

While I totally love the idea of keeping the scammers busy using a chatbot, in the grand scheme of things this is just wasted energy.

We really need to start thinking about the energy use for these stupid things.

Source: Somebody wrote an email bot to waste scammers’ time / Boing Boing

Skandalös: Tarifvertrag für Gebäudereiniger: Gleicher Lohn in Ost und West

Der tarifliche Mindestlohn steigt ab 1. Januar 2018 im Westen von 10,00 auf 10,30 Euro und im Osten von 9,05 auf 9,55 Euro. In den Jahren darauf folgen weitere Schritte zur Anpassung. Ab 1. Dezember 2020 sollen dann in Ost und West mindestens 10,80 Euro je Stunde gezahlt werden.

Source: Tarifvertrag für Gebäudereiniger: Gleicher Lohn in Ost und West