How the Netherlands Feeds the World

That copious output is made all the more remarkable by the other side of the balance sheet: inputs. Almost two decades ago, the Dutch made a national commitment to sustainable agriculture under the rallying cry “Twice as much food using half as many resources.” Since 2000, van den Borne and many of his fellow farmers have reduced dependence on water for key crops by as much as 90 percent. They’ve almost completely eliminated the use of chemical pesticides on plants in greenhouses, and since 2009 Dutch poult

Source: How the Netherlands Feeds the World

Verkehr in Berlin : In Berlin wird weniger gerast – Berlin – Tagesspiegel Mobil

Selbst anhand des aktuellen Bußgeldkatalogs haben seine Kollegen während ihrer Messungen rund sechs Millionen Euro sowie 9185 Flensburger Punkte und 1592 Monate Fahrverbot vorbeirauschen sehen. „Fänden an den Messstellen jede Woche zweistündige Messungen statt, kämen statistisch 25,9 Millionen Euro Bußgeld, fast 40 000 Punkte und 6899 Monate Fahrverbot zusammen. Die Wirkung aufs Geschwindigkeitsverhalten wäre enorm.“