Tolles Interview: Anke Greifeneder über Serienproduktion in Deutschland

Manchmal habe ich mich allerdings auch geärgert, denn trotz all des Gejammers “Ach, wenn wir nur endlich so dürften, wie wir könnten und wollten” bekamen wir anfangs erstaunlich wenig innovative Bücher. Ich habe erst später verstanden, dass die meisten Drehbuchautoren einfach misstrauisch waren. Immer wenn man ihnen versprochen hat “Macht es doch mal ein bisschen anders” und sie es dann anders gemacht haben, ist ihnen ihr Drehbuch um die Ohren geflogen. Dann hieß es plötzlich wieder: “Wir müssen es doch wieder einordnen und auf Nummer sicher gehen.”

Quelle: “In Deutschland wird ein Format so oft produziert, bis es tot ist”

Dadamachines Update #3 – a look behind manufacturing

I’m so looking forward to this toy and what I will be able to do with it!

Delivery was delayed a bit and Johannes was open about what happened. Reading through this really shows all those things that a manufacturer has to deal with. It was very interesting and enlightning, but read for yourself:

We talked to the boardhouse who was responsible for the delivery of the boards. They told us that they will not do the boards in matte black finish. Strange thing – they delivered these specifications many times before to my Manufacturing Partner. After some discussions back and forth they told us to get our boards elsewhere and send everything back. And we did. The new boards – now hopefully matte black, from another company should arrive next week.

Source: Building the first batch of dadamachines – Update #3

So in the end, we will have Scambots talking to Anti-Scambots. Result: huge waste of energy and increased CO2 emissions. Make #tech #green already!

While I totally love the idea of keeping the scammers busy using a chatbot, in the grand scheme of things this is just wasted energy.

We really need to start thinking about the energy use for these stupid things.

Source: Somebody wrote an email bot to waste scammers’ time / Boing Boing